New York Gold & Silver Refiners


What We Do: New York Gold & Silver Refiners specializes in precious metal buying and refining in New York City. We pride ourselves on timely service, personalized customer care and TOP PAYOUTS.

What We Buy:  Gold, Silver and Platinum

Who We Buy From: Jewelers, Dentists, Pawnbrokers and other industry professionals.

Services: Acid Testing, X-Ray Analysis, Fire Assays and Smelting

PAYOUTS: Top payouts in cash, check or bank transfer

PHONE:  212-302-7200

VISIT: IGT Jewelry Shopping Mall | 44 West 47th St. New York, NY 10036

EMAIL: Email us here

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IGT Jewelry Shopping Mall_1920x1080
Exterior of the IGT Jewelry Shopping Mall on 47th St. in Manhattan

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